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We cannot rely on big donors with corresponding big agendas. We are not the largest website around, but we believe we play an important role in defending truth and objectivity. Fireproof is an advertisement a film produced by Sherwood Pictures, the propaganda wing of Sherwood Baptist Church, a megachurch in Albany, Georgia, and directed by Alex Kendrick. It features washed-up TV child actor prominent movie star Kirk Cameron and a whole lot of parishioners there at the megachurch.

It is generally regarded as a piece of trash, likely because the producers were more concerned about whether the actors had tithed sufficiently to the church than whether they could actually act; however, it has been roundly drooled over among the Christian wingnut set, winning numerous awards at Christian film festivals and from Christian awards bodies, and selling a great number of copies on DVD, no doubt so that every megachurch in the country can add it to their library.

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The film starts with Peter Lorre in M levels of creepiness, as an unseen small girl, obviously having gotten too many ideas from being an attendee at abstinence balls , informs her mother that she wishes to marry her father upon attaining adulthood. Ambling on home, he promptly engages in a spat with his wife, Catherine, played by the daughter of the megachurch's senior pastor.

A minor dispute over the aforementioned uniforms has soon escalated into a full-blown bawling session, in which he backs her against a wall and screams at her. However, since profanity is not allowed in this nice clean PG-rated film, the poor slighted lover is reduced to calling her a "woman. Holt, being awfully flustered, informs him that she wants a divorce; he exits the house, upsets their wheelie-bin full of trash, and kicks the latter all over the yard.

Holt is much put out about his upcoming divorce and blabs about it to his friends. Holt that if he tries to pull them apart he will break them. Holt also tells his father, who has followed much the same routine concerning his marriage and God. On a walk through the country, leading to a wooden cross that has been inexplicably placed there, his father tells him to hold off on his divorce for forty days; then, despite Mr.

Holt's insistence that he does not want to do any "religious thing," he sends Mr. Holt a book of his own authorship, entitled The Love Dare , containing forty days' worth of tasks designed to rescue his marriage. In the first few days Mr.


She correctly assumes that there are games afoot, remaining skeptical of the gestures. Holt is very frustrated over this, eventually screaming at his father that he cannot keep pouring his love out at someone who rejects it. Holt reacts to this brilliant exposition as any reasonable person would, viz.

A little while later, a house "very conveniently" starts burning down right after a small girl enters it. Holt saves the girl's life and sustains some burns on his arm, becoming a hero to everyone except his wife. Owing to the burns on his arm, the doctor treating Mr.

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Holt advises him not to put on his wedding ring until the burns have healed; Mr. In the event of an emergency, your first thought will be to escape to safety. A home safe keeps your valuables out of reach while you focus on getting your family members to a safe place. Home safes are the perfect place to store dangerous belongings from children. Locking away chemicals and firearms to prevent unforeseen danger is critical to keep a safe home for children and pets. Floor safes are often recommended for protection against fires. Some wall home safes are designed to be hidden by building them behind hanging pictures or TVs to be undetectable to thieves, but easy access.


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