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Keith Ferguson. Commissioner Gordon Mr. Chapin Ethel Lucy. This short was included with the theatrical release of Teen Titans Go! After discovering that Supergirl flies in her sleep, Batgirl runs herself ragged chasing her across the city to keep her out of trouble. Batgirl sees what she thinks is the Bat-Signal and gets ready to prove her worth as a sidekick to Batman.

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But when it turns out to be the shadow of an actual bat in her room, she flies into a terrified panic trying to chase it out. Tasked with looking after the school's hamster mascot for the weekend, Batgirl has her hands full trying to stop it from ruining a health inspection at the burrito restaurant where she works. Batgirl's overuse of emojis while texting leaves Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, and Green Lantern Jessica Cruz in a misunderstanding when she tries to call for their help in battling Poison Ivy.

Supergirl puts on a new dress for picture day at school, only to shred it piece by piece as she deals with a string of emergencies on her way to class. Zatanna's spell to help Batgirl and Commissioner Gordon better understand each other backfires, causing Batgirl to switch bodies with people all over Metropolis. A malfunction in Bumblebee's suit leaves her scrambling to get to class on time so she can keep up her perfect attendance record. A string of gadget design failures pushes Batgirl to the brink of giving up crime-fighting.

Green Lantern Jessica Cruz and Wonder Woman try to persuade Batgirl to clean up the hideout before her collection of gadgets and junk completely fills it. As hall monitor, Bumblebee goes head-to-head with the cocky Green Lantern Hal Jordan to get him to obey the rules.

Aqualad buys a pet goldfish to give to Bumblebee for her birthday, but one mishap after another sends him scrambling across Metropolis to deliver it intact. Weakened by overexposure to kryptonite, Supergirl relies on Wonder Woman to nurse her back to health, but soon starts to take advantage of being waited on hand and foot.

The Flash encounters repeated distractions while trying to deliver a cake to a party across town within 10 minutes. After Bumblebee gets the last taco at lunch, Giganta chases her all over the school to take it for herself. Rude and annoying theater audience members drive Supergirl crazy as she tries to watch a horror movie.

At the amusement park arcade, Supergirl finds a basketball game much more challenging than she expected, while Batgirl wins prize after prize at the whack-a-mole game and Wonder Woman becomes obsessed with a fortune-telling machine. While attending a rock concert with Supergirl, Wonder Woman mistakes a mosh pit for a mass demonic possession and gets carried away trying to knock some sense into the crowd.

As Wonder Woman faces Giganta and the Flash in a pie-eating contest, the taste of pumpkin pie wakes up her drive to win. Zatanna gets a dinner reservation for herself and Supergirl at an exclusive sushi restaurant, but the meal falls victim to Supergirl's dislike of Japanese cuisine and a miscast spell that turns the food into a city-wrecking monster. An argument between Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn over what to watch on television turns into a brawl that destroys their living room. Green Lantern Jessica Cruz gets to use her mother's van for the week, but struggles to keep it and her nerves intact while driving her friends around town.

Bumblebee suits up to even the score against Giganta after having her night at the movies ruined. Green Lantern Hal Jordan's attempts to impress Superman with his heroics do more harm than good, prompting Superman to think up a scheme to get him out of the way. Zatanna's favorite stylist faces the biggest challenge of her career when she has to work on Supergirl's incredibly tough hair.

When Wonder Woman misplaces her Lasso of Truth, Harley Quinn finds it and causes mayhem all over the city by forcing people to reveal their most embarrassing secrets. A monster attacks while Supergirl is washing her costume, forcing her to improvise so she can keep her civilian identity a secret. On her way to school for picture day, Green Lantern Jessica Cruz is repeatedly distracted by people who fail to dispose of their trash and recyclables properly.

Finding herself without her suit or gadgets, Batgirl improvises in order to stop a pair of graffiti-painting vandals. Zatanna and Green Arrow get so caught up in sabotaging the advertisements for each other's shows that they forget to put on the actual performances. After accidentally injecting herself with a serum that boosts her intelligence instead of her strength, Giganta devises an intricate plot to take down all six heroes at once.

Green Lantern Hal Jordan's obsession with making the perfect hot dog drives Green Lantern Jessica Cruz crazy as the two race to stop an asteroid from destroying Metropolis. Giganta and Livewire fight over the last candy bar in the school cafeteria's vending machine, only for Catwoman to steal it from both of them. Zatanna's determination to look perfect for school picture day causes havoc for all the students.

Jimmy Olsen tries to get heroic action photos of the girls for the school newspaper, but fails time after time. When Poison Ivy unleashes her wrath against a vegan restaurant, Green Lantern Jessica Cruz has to suit up and fight off the crazed plants and vegetables. On her first day as a new student at Metropolis High School, Barbara Gordon begins to suspect that some of the students possess superpowers.

She starts a cafeteria-wide food fight that lands her and four other students, Karen Beecher , Jessica Cruz , Kara Danvers , and Zee Zatara , in detention. They are soon joined by a sixth girl who has been picked up by a truant officer. She reveals herself as Wonder Woman , and the others expose their extraordinary abilities as they argue and fight, confirming Barbara's suspicions. Wonder Woman offers to train them as heroes; in return, they show her how to act like a typical teenager and give her the civilian name " Diana Prince ", and they take on the hero names of Batgirl , Bumblebee , Green Lantern , Supergirl , and Zatanna.

Meanwhile, squads of robots owned by Lex Luthor begin to demolish businesses all over Metropolis, and the six heroes' attempt to stop them results in the destruction of a popular teenage hangout and the end of their new friendship. Wonder Woman's overprotective mother, Queen Hippolyta , arrives to take her home to the Amazons' island of Themyscira as punishment for sneaking away, but Batgirl persuades the other four to help bring her back to Metropolis so she can fulfill her dream of protecting the world of man. The six confront Luthor's robots at an amusement park pier, but discover that his younger sister Lena has commandeered them in a plot to keep teenagers from having any fun.

The heroes destroy Lena's command robot, ending her scheme and earning praise from the public, and renew their friendship. Three months later, the hangout has been rebuilt and Barbara shows off a subterranean command center she has built underneath it for the team's use. Dubbing themselves the "Super Hero Girls", they dedicate their efforts to keeping Metropolis safe from evil. Zatanna leaves her two magic rabbits in Supergirl's care for the afternoon, but warns her to keep them separated at all times.

When Supergirl ignores the warning and lets them out of their cages, they magically reproduce so quickly that they threaten to overrun all of Metropolis. Zatanna berates Supergirl for her carelessness, explaining that the two rabbits' love for each other allows them to reproduce when brought together. The two girls are unable to keep up with the stampede, and a hate spell cast by Zatanna only causes the rabbits to merge into a giant monster that swallows Supergirl whole. However, she breaks free with the original two rabbits and reluctantly pulls them apart, causing the others to disappear.

Later, Zatanna again leaves them with Supergirl, who secretly promises to let them out. Just before Metropolis High's latest football game, Hal Jordan's ex-girlfriend Carol Ferris arrives on campus as a cheerleader for the rival team. Carol is still furious at Hal for the way he broke up with her, and she manifests her powers as Star Sapphire and targets both him and Jessica, thinking mistakenly that Jessica stole him from her.

Without using her own powers in aggression, Jessica shows Carol the truth, convinces her of Hal's flaws, and tells her that she needs to love herself first. Carol leaves, but vows to make Hal worthy of her love one day. Barbara enjoys her job at the Burrito Bucket restaurant, but she has been late so many times that her boss, Shane O'Shaughnessy, is ready to fire her if she makes one more mistake.

When she spots a bank robbery in progress across the street, she invents one excuse after another to ask Shane for time off so she can suit up as Batgirl and stop the criminals. However, she keeps running out of time before she can end the robbery, and even her emergency call to the Flash proves no help. Shane eventually fires Barbara for failing to complete a large order of burritos, but when the robbers target the Burrito Bucket, she creates a new superhero identity - the "Burrito Bucketeer" - and defeats them.

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Grudgingly, Shane re-hires her and names her "Employee of the Night". Brianne Drouhard and Natalie Wetzig. Fed up with being constantly upstaged by Diana in every aspect of school life, Barbie Minerva steals a golden cat idol from her father's collection and tries to put a curse on Diana. The girls find that someone has shredded Diana's decorations for a school dance, assume their hero identities, and split up to search the school. One after another is incapacitated by an attacker with superhuman speed and agility, and Wonder Woman - the last one standing - finds it to be a human-sized cheetah, who transforms into Barbie after being knocked out.

Barbie admits that she created the "creature" out of jealousy toward Diana, who advises her not to compare her successes to those of others. After Diana leaves, though, Barbie revels in the powers granted to her by the cat idol and vows revenge, adopting the supervillain identity of the Cheetah.

The girls scramble to catch the last ferry home in the evening, but Karen misses it because she is too scared to jump aboard as it pulls away from the dock. As she walks home, moping over her lack of confidence, she stumbles across a plot by a team of villains led by the crazed prankster Harley Quinn to blow up the bridge across the bay.

She tries to enlist the help of one friend after another, but fails for a variety of reasons and has no choice but to confront the villains alone as Bumblebee. She faces her fear and attacks Harley, destroying her detonator, and the other heroes soon arrive.

Imaginext DC Super Friends Batman Super Hero Flight Gotham City

Wonder Woman congratulates Bumblebee for showing real courage before the team fights the villains. Tired of constantly seeing coverage of Superman's heroics in the Metropolis press, Supergirl tries to draw attention to her own prowess. Ferede became a wanted person and was able to flee to Sudan by the skin of his teeth. He arrived there penniless, and after begging in the streets, contacted Mossad. But he had no money to send a letter, so he had to sell his gold wedding band to pay for it, and it slowly made its way into the hands of the Mossad. When the Mossad got word of Ferede, an agent went to Sudan to find him.

He then joined Mossad himself, educating them about the journey he had made from Ethiopia to Sudan. The paths he had discovered then became the prototype for Israeli intelligence agencies who used them to lay the infrastructure for Operation Moses. He , slamming Israeli society for failing to include the Ethiopian story into the Israeli narrative. All rights reserved. Breaking News. It's been 40 years since Ferede Aklum brought the first group through the desert to Sudan; now his brother wants his story told, to inspire Israeli society, which he says could learn a thing or two from Ferede.